You are facing a Change?

Say JA to Change Processes!

How can we support you?

We support you in accompanying change projects of different dimensions (companies, teams, departments, …), in which you want to focus on people and involve stakeholders so that long-term and sustainable results are achieved.

Through dialogue with you and the resulting understanding of your situation and the context, we work with you to develop sensible steps to systematically address the change. We draw on our many years of experience in accompanying change processes of all kinds and sizes and are at your side as partners even in complex situations.

It is important to us that the necessary competence remains with the parties involved. We support this by working with you to make your existing resources visible, strengthen suitable competencies and thereby acquire the necessary skills to implement changes under your own responsibility.

Our goal is not only to accompany you in the project, but also to provide you with the tools to independently shape and accompany future changes.

Changes we accompanied ...

Let us take your next steps together!

We accompany you in the planning and control of your change project and are happy to take the sensible steps together with you. Whether in the background as pure consulting for the management team or in the foreground – for example in workshop moderation, participation in the steering committee or as an external project manager.

In our basic understanding we are adopting a balancing attitude and consider the areas of knowledge & insight, trust & togetherness as well as structure & order as balanced as possible. Let us surprise you!

Clarify goals

Recognize systemic effects

Turn those affected into participants

Give space to points of view

Make it easier to work together

Take on multi-directional partisanship

Create clarity

Agree on actions

Communicate sustainability

Which possible questions could you have?

  • Restructuring of a unit, a department or a team
  • Change of working procedures where you wish to have a sustainable implementation by those affected
  • Make it possible that departments / teams who have so far been in contact work together (again)
  • New orientation of your business due to internally and/or externally changed influences