Are you aware of your competencies?

Create clarity through Coaching.

How can we support you?

We support you in private or business context in your individual further development and see ourselves as a trustworthy sparring partner, who together with you brings out your competencies.

In doing so, we work in a resource- and solution-oriented manner to clarify your issues, expand your scope of possibilities and take unusual paths.

It is important to us that the necessary competence to act remains with you. We support this by working together with you to make existing resources visible, strengthen necessary competencies and thus give you the necessary skills to develop independently.

We support you with empathy, encourage self-reflection and discuss alternatives for action. In doing so, you get to know yourself and your different sides better and can deal with them differently in everyday life.

People we have accompanied ...

Let us take your next steps together!

We will accompany you in private or business context in your individual further development on a wide variety of topics and will gladly take the sensible steps together with you.

In our basic understanding we are adopting a balancing attitude and consider the areas of knowledge & insight, trust & togetherness as well as structure & order as balanced as possible. Let us surprise you!

Enable reflection

Combine different school

Make formats visible

Relationship as a basis

Allow and question perspectives

Separate what got mixed

Provide clarification

Allow flexibility

Communicate sustainability

Which possible topics could you have?

All issues where you wouild like to discuss specific (leadership) situations with an independent, neutral an at the same time appreciative sparring partner, who will give you new insights, strengthen you in your interaction with others and apply a systematic approach.

Possible topics

  • Establishing visibility in the company
  • Dealing with conflicts woth or among your employees
  • Strengthening of senior management requirements
  • Strengthenign your leadership
  • Becoming aware of your competences
  • Building confidence
  • Strengening your ability to act