You want to enable your employees?

We care for long-term people development.

How can we support you?

We support you in the design and implementation of (international) personnel development programmes, which focus on the empowerment and retention of your employees (managers, junior staff or experts).

The conception is carried out in coordination with all relevant departments in your company. In doing so, we take into account the perspectives of the different business units (e.g. management, HR department, personnel development, executives, different locations, different countries and regions, …) in order to obtain as comprehensive a picture as possible of the different objectives for the respective program. Based on this, we create a design proposal for the personnel development programme (with framework design if desired). In doing so, we contribute our many years of practical experience and also offer you the opportunity to get to know new learning methods.

We see our role as a process companion. We focus on high-quality implementation, systematically maintain an overview and provide you as the client with continuous feedback on the suitability of the program. We support each participant with empathy and focus on existing and perhaps previously unnoticed resources to enable individual development.

We usually act as LEAD trainer (overall responsibility for the program). In some (e.g. international) projects we also work together with other trainers with whom we are in constant contact to ensure that your objectives are achieved.

Development programs we accompanied ...

Let us take your next steps together!

We support you in the design and later implementation of your personnel development program (whether with a focus on design, with the management of the later – internal or external – trainers or in the implementation of the modules) and are happy to take the sensible steps together with you.

In our basic understanding, we are adopting a balancing attitude and consider the areas of knowledge & insight, trust & cooperation as well as structure & order as balanced as possible. Let us surprise you!

Enable reflection

Give Impulse

Individualize learning

Allow and question perspectives

Facilitate cooperation

Make togetherness / belonging a tangible experience

Keep the overview

Allow flexibility

Plan steps

Which possible development intentions could you have?

  • Development of an (international) personnel development program for specific target groups (lower / middle / upper management, junior staff, experts, trainees, etc.)
  • Looking for ideas to support a network formed within the company, which should develop together