Do you perceive tensions?

Finding solutions through mediation.

How can we support you?

We will support you if there are tensions in your business or private context where parties involved wish to have external support because they no longer see a solution to the conflict on their own.

As a trained and certified mediator, I am at your disposal to facilitate goal-oriented communication between the conflict parties using recognized methods of mediation. In my mediative work, the preservation of impartiality is essential for finding a solution together with the parties. The aim is to find a sustainable solution that is responsible for the parties themselves.

In doing so, I ensure that after the joint clarification of objectives and the associated needs, options are worked out taking into account the respective given framework conditions. These are designed in such a way that the parties find sensible and sustainable solutions for themselves.


  • Business mediation
  • Mediation in the public sector
  • Neighbourhood mediation
  • Family mediation
  • Supported family mediation I FLAG Mediation according to § 39c FLAG [only applies to Austria]
  • Mediation in schools and education


Johannes Andexlinger, MSc
(registered mediator in the list of the
Austrian Federal Ministry of Justice according to § 20 ZivMediatG)

Tensions we have accompanied ...

Let us take your next steps together!

We will accompany you in solving tensions and will gladly take the necessary steps together with you all. For this purpose, we are available to you as an external moderator (mediator).

In our basic understanding we are adopting a balancing attitude and consider the areas of knowledge & insight, trust & togetherness as well as structure & order as balanced as possible. Let us surprise you!

Make stakeholders get involved

Recognize systemic effects

Balance possibilities

Allow emotions

Consider multidirectional partiality

Provide clarification

Design processes

Agree on actions

Which possible tensions could come up?

  • How can I find a good basis for joint cooperation with my business partner again?
  • What possibilities are there for finding a good solution when parties have different opinions? When each party claims to be right? Are there still chances for a common solution?
  • I want to have a good relationship with my partner. However, at the moment I do not see any possibility to have a good conversation. Does that make any sense at all - or is there a possibility to at least have a conversation?